I am writing this post to begin my journey of truth.  I have been mislead about many things…so here I go. Please learn along with me.  You can find and download this book to read at: http://manybooks.net/authors/volneyco.html

A voluminous note, in which standard authorities
are cited, seems to prove that this statement is substantially correct, and
that we are in reality indebted to the ancient Ethiopians, to the fervid
imagination of the persecuted and despised negro, for the various religious
systems now so highly revered by the different branches of both the Semitic and
Aryan races. This fact, which is so frequently referred to in Mr. Volney’s
writings, may perhaps solve the question as to the origin of all religions, and
may even suggest a solution to the secret so long concealed beneath the flat
nose, thick lips, and negro features of the Egyptian Sphinx. It may also confirm
the statement of Dioderus, that “the Ethiopians conceive themselves as the
inventors of divine worship, of festivals, of solemn assemblies, of sacrifices,
and of every other religious practice.”